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G’day, mate! Welcome to my website for Australian and overseas tourists!

If you are here, you are probably intending to travel to Australia and are looking for tours or a guide in Australia who understands you, your needs and your interests as a tourist.
True, isn’t it? If you want to have a good time, enjoy the beauty and incredible nature of Australia without going broke in the process, this is the right spot!


My name is Vadim. I am one of the Australian guides. This website is for Australian and overseas tourists. I made it just for you, and I selected the most useful and relevant information and advice based on my own experience and that of other tour guides and operators in Australia and many of our tourists. I would appreciate it if you could take your time to familiarise yourselves with everything we can offer you here Down Under. We, Australian tour guides, love this continent and its many islands and know it firsthand. We don’t want you to just see some sights from a bus window and tick a box, but to get to know the real Australia inside out and visit the places without crowds of tourists, and on your return to your home country we want you to say: “Yes, I saw the genuine Australia and would love to come back! Particularly because it’s such a friendly place!”


I, with my colleagues, will help you to prepare an exclusive or budget tour in Cairns and the region with a private guide. To find luxury or inexpensive but still good hotels, group or individual tours, and quality restaurants. We, private guides, will help you save money, as we provide information and offer tours in Australia firsthand: without extra administration fees or the overheads of bigger companies. We conduct tours in Cairns and the region (Far North Queensland) ourselves. You will be able to see not just beautiful places, but will also learn many interesting facts and history of Australia and its cities and towns, particularly Cairns. You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of living in Australia and in particular in Far North Queensland. You will visit places which are not frequented by large tourist buses and crowds of tourists. We will show Australian nature and wildlife: waterfalls, rainforests, savannahs, wild kangaroos, large parrots called cockatoos, crocodiles, kookaburra (the laughing bird), platypuses, and possums. We know the best places where you could see these Australian wild animals and birds in their real habitat and not just in a zoo.

We will prepare, free of charge, for you or your group an itinerary and programme of any type: individual, group, budget, etc. We will also organise and help hold conferences and corporate activities here in this region. We will be able to book cheap domestic flights in Australia (often cheaper than directly through an airline), restaurants, cheaper hotels of any category, individual or group tours in English, Spanish or Russian. I hope you’ll be able to find lots of interesting and useful information for your forthcoming trip to Australia, particularly to Cairns and the region.


And if you have any questions, please call or write me, and I’d be happy to answer.
You could also visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this website and find answers to various questions posed by tourists to Australian guides.

Look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person!

Your guide in Cairns – Vadim and my colleagues

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