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Guarantee of best prices for tours and excursions with a local guide

I, together with my colleagues-guides, guarantee you the best prices for tours and excursions with a local guide in Cairns and the region (Far North Queensland).
I, a private guide in Australia, am not an intermediary or reseller of tours or excursions. I offer my own private tours without surcharges which most tour operators impose and without a middleman. Moreover, I offer discounts if you book several tours at once. For more information about the discounts for tours click here: ENQUIRE.

If you find or were offered prices for similar tours in Australia that are better than mine:
(1) please contact me,
(2) and I will match their price minus 10% and will give you a bottle of Australian wine as a present*!
If you bought a tour without speaking with me first, you have certainly overpaid!


-> So you don’t want to overpay? Contact me straight away: +61 458 240 933 | Email: | Skype: VadimRT61
Or just send me an SMS to +61 458 240 933 and I will call you back!
Don’t forget to mention a special promotion code to take advantage of the discount: BESTCAIRNSTOURPRICE5
* This is my guarantee for private tours with a local guide. Of course, I should have an opportunity to check the price offered to you – either on the website of the company that made the offer or in an email sent to you by them.

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