4. Outback (3-day tour)

Safari tour for 3 days/2 nights from Cairns to Australian outback: wildlife, savannah country, caves and real wet tropics with the oldest forests on the planet – tours with a local guide and hotel accommodation.

What you can expect:
Kuranda and a cable car trip on Skyrail, Aboriginal culture park with an Aboriginal show and dances, the real Australian outback and pubs, Chillagoe caves, Granite Gorge, Aboriginal rock images, jungle and giant trees, tropical farms and plantations, termite hills, swimming in rivers, lakes and waterfalls, crater lakes and waterfalls, wildlife: kangaroos, wallabies, turtles, water dragons, platypuses, and possums – the most exciting and breathtaking places and creatures in the Cairns region in 3 days!



Description of a 3-day tour from Cairns:
(The arrangements for Palm Cove, Pt Douglas, etc. could be slightly different. Please enquire).

Day 1: Your local guide will pick you up in private transport from your hotel in the morning. You will go to the popular tourist township of Kuranda by cable car over tropical forests and Barron Falls. After a walk in Kuranda you will visit the Aboriginal culture park with a sanctuary of Australian animals and birds, you will have a ride in an “Army duck” across the jungle, could have a photo with a koala, and will have buffet lunch.

After that we’ll go to see huge termite nests, and then the small city of Mareeba which claims 300 days of sunshine per year.
Then we’ll be heading to the unique limestone caves of Chillagoe in the Australian outback (more than 200 km west of Cairns). We’ll have a stop and you could buy some drinks if you wish, and then we’ll have dinner in a local restaurant/café.

We’ll be staying at Chillagoe Observatory and Eco Lodge. There is a sky observatory there with telescopes (and if wish, you could watch the stars, southern hemisphere constellations, including Southern Cross, planets and nebulas).


photos Granite Gorge 25-2-2008 117 (800x600)

Day 2: Breakfast in the hotel. Visit to one of the Chillagoe caves and to unusual rock formations, including Balancing Rock and an Aboriginal cave with images on the wall. Swimming in a picturesque place. Lunch in a local restaurant/café.

Then we’ll go to Granite Gorge with huge boulders where lots of wild rock wallabies live, and you’ll be able to hand feed them. We’ll continue our journey through vast banana and mango plantations.

We’ll go to a tropical forest to see a monster tree – an ancient fig tree in the middle of a jungle. After going through a cute little town of Yungaburra we’ll go to a picturesque pub to have dinner. Then we’ll go to our hotel which is located near Lake Eacham, an old crater lake in the middle of a jungle. We’ll be staying in one of the hotel cottages. We’ll be able to watch night tropical forest animals and birds: possums, including gliders, other forest marsupials, and birds.

Day 3: We’ll have breakfast in a cosy café by Lake Barrine, another crater lake. Your guide will show you some very special flora and fauna, including orchids and huge ancient Kauri pine trees.


Then we’ll go back to Lake Eacham where you’ll be able to see fish and turtles, and have a swim. Then we will go to a place where one of the rarest and unique animals of the world lives – the platypus. It is one of the only two egg-laying mammals in the world and it inhabits the most remote places in Australia with pure water and clean environment. You will be able to see the platypus in the wild in its natural habitat. Then our route will take us to the beautiful Millaa Millaa Falls which have a perfect shape and are considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia.

Then we’ll visit an old Spanish castle Paronella situated in a tropical forest next to another beautiful waterfall. We’ll also have lunch there. Then we’ll be heading back to Cairns, and will visit a river and Babinda Falls if we have time.


Full cost (includes private transport and guide-driver services):
Special Price:
Cost of a private guided tour from Cairns:
• A$1970 for 1-4 persons (normally $2700)
• A$2770 (5-8 persons) (normally $4100)
• A$3870 (9-11 persons) (normally $5600)
Best price – guaranteed!
Additional cost:
$500/person for entrance fees, Skyrail, 2-night hotel accommodation 3,5*, 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches и 2 dinners.
*A minimum of 2 people to conduct a tour. Otherwise, a full fee (for a 2-people tour) is required.
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